Begin Establishing Relations
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Establishing Relations

Our cooperation begins with advice on capital management and business development. On the Bank’s side, it involves a CRD, a private banker, a representative or a partner of the Bank. The logical conclusion to establishing a trusting partnership is opening a multi-currency Current Account and connecting to a state-of-the-art Internet Bank.

To register a Current Account, you or your representative should come to one of our offices. Upon request, a CRD or private banker can come to your country or get in touch with you through one of our regional partners.


To set up a personal meeting or receive advice, please visit the Baltikums Bank Head Office in Riga or come to one of our regional offices in Almaty, Baku, Bishkek, Kyiv, Limassol, Luxembourg, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Tallinn or Vilnius. You can also contact one of our partners or symply call our Helpline at +371 67 031 333.


You can view and fill out the necessary document templates on the Bank’s website and print them directly from your browser.

  • Individuals should file an Application for Opening a Current Account, provide a passport or ID, and inform the Bank about the purpose of opening the Bank account.
  • Legal entities should file an Application for Opening a Current Account, provide company registration documents, documents confirming the authority of the person with the right to sign, and other documents requested by the Bank.


If you would like a representative of our Bank to assist you with filing the account opening documentation or want to have more detailed information about our bank first, feel free to contact us by selecting our nearest office under ‘Contact Us’.


In line with legislative requirements, standards and guidelines applicable to regulation of financial activities, as well as our Bank’s in-house policies, we identify you personally before opening an account. Operating based on the Know Your Client principle, we perform due diligence of your documents and information. If your data fails to comply with mandatory requirements, we reserve the right to refuse account opening without explaining the reasons.

Legal Entities